2019 photographs


This England – George Taylor (11.00)

Arezou is a young woman on the edge – of the UK, of her family and of living her own life. A film that looks at the British fable of the “green and pleasant land” and asks what it means to belong.


A Puffin’s Tale – Jake Morris (02.50)

16 year old Jake Morris’ short film made on Skomer Island documenting the puffin colony. Every day a parent has a daily routine of going far out to sea in search of fish and returns home to give its offspring food.

12 Circular Walks – Carolyn Black (04.57)

From the series, ‘Drawing the Sole Female Figure in the Landscape’. These circular walks have been created using a 360 response to the tradition of the male sole figure in the landscape.

The Brightest Migrants – Elina Hadjinicola (06.00)

This short film reflects on current socio-political issues, immigration and automation, through the lens of nature and honey-bee farming.


Seven Days to Sidmouth – Peter Vaughan (11.52)

Simon, a travelling woodcarver, moves from Dorset to Devon, in a scrapbook style documentary we get to feel the juxtaposition of an idealised version of his life versus the reality he faces.


Colour Mining: Violet – Lucy Steggals (06.54)

Colour Mining is a spectrum series matching the seven colours blue, green, red, yellow, orange, indigo and violet with seven places – one in each of the seven continents. Violet is the 4th of 7.

Creatures of Mysterious Machinery – Svetlana Ochkovskaya (02.19)

Making familiar things unfamiliar and strange, to turn it over and to displace it; to de-routinise everyday experience.

Small Wet Mouth – Ker Wallwork (06.54)

Narrative set at a fishing pond, which explores how naturally and unnaturally occurring materials may permeate bodies, particularly focussing on the hormonal messengers endocrine disruptors.

Every True Person of Kalofer – Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane (07.00)

The film transports you through the Rose Valley of Bulgaria in a stream of consciousness. It follows the process and ritual of the Rose Harvest. Co-produced by Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane.