Farming is often the default activity in rural landscapes – its demands are very physical and in the 21st century it can feel like a particularly isolated way of life. How does communal, cultural activity fit in? We understand instinctively how artistic endeavour and outdoor work or time spent in nature can enrich and feed into each other, yet our lack of intimate relationship with the land make it hard to remember just how much these processes often have in common.

Films about the land bind people together and remind us about creative processes. Through the many stories about people and their interactions with different landscapes, in both urban and rural places, it is the land itself which emerges as the most powerful character. Harvest Film Festival has become a showcase for the best local, national and international film-making. It is a celebration of autumn, when the wheel of the year turns to winter, and a good reason for people to celebrate their community and their home ground.

Whether you would like to find out more about hosting your own Harvest Film Festival or would like to join us at Lower Hewood Farm in November, please get in touch via